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KC100 - One Wheel Sharpener

Water Sharpener / Code produit : KC100

  • 25,00 €


The Ceramic Water Wheel Sharpener is the ideal solution to the tricky challenge of finding the precise angle to re-hone your blades on a whetstone or steel. The JKC Water Wheel Sharpener has an extra deep well to allow good lubrication of knife and wheel giving longevity to your sharpener and more effective sharpening for your blade. The grinding wheel is made from a high grade Ceramic, which has been placed at the perfect angle so that the blade, which runs straight along the guiding groove, is honed at the ideal angle on both sides.

This single white wheel sharpener will help you to maintain a serviceable working edge on any machine made duel edged steel blades. The grade of the white wheel is approximately equivalent to about 240grit on a whetstone and thus has enough abrasiveness to return dull edges to effective sharpeness. The newer or thinner your blade the more quickly and effectively this will perform.


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