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Zanmai Pra 225 Sujuhiki/Slicer

Zanmai Pra / Code produit : 5006

  • 83,00 €

The Sujihiki is a long narrow blade designed for slicing any raw or cooked flesh (meat, poultry, game & fish) with consummate ease. The reduced surface area means that even the most fatty or oily flesh does not stick to the side of the blade. Whether you are preparing see through slices of Carpaccio, carving the Sunday joint or portioning fish this knife will make any flesh cutting task really simple.

Stunningly beautiful, scalpel sharp and easy to resharpen, these knives are stainless and very easy to maintain.

SPECIAL NOTES: Not to be used on bone or for ANY kind of twisting or prising. CUT ONLY on wood or HDP. Do not allow Knives to be abused as screwdrivers, tin openers etc. Designed specifically for food preparation, FOR CULINARY USE ONLY.


  • Longueur de lame: 225mm
  • Longueur totale: 340mm
  • Epaisseur: 2mm
  • Poid total: 240g
  • Acier lame: Molybdenum Vanadium
  • Laminate steel: Soft
  • Dureté: 58-60
  • Couches: 1
  • Manche: Plastic
  • Pays d'origine: Japan

Ne pas metter au lave vaisselle. Lavage à la main avec un détergent doux. Sécher immédiatement.

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