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Two Wheel Water Sharpener

Water Sharpener / Code produit : M150

  • 35,00 €

Undoubtedly the most popular of all our easy to use systems, this system is both versatile and effective. This is the deepest welled pink and white Water Wheel available and enables the user to re hone even fine handmade blades beautifully, as the pink wheel is both gentle and effective and there is no chance of compromising exceptionally silky edges if ground gently and regularly as soon as edge shows signs of dulling. The white wheel will help you to maintain a serviceable working edge on any machine made duel edged steel blades. The grade of the white wheel is approximately equivalent to about 240grit on a whetstone and thus has enough abrasiveness to return dull edges to effective sharpeness; usually only thin edged or very silky blades will benefit from using the pink wheel to complete the sharpening action.


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