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Chiba Peeler S

/ Code produit : 101721

  • 415,00 €


“Peel S” has a great reputation for cutting “Katsuramuki” . When you rotate the handle, the blade slides left and right, which makes it shining like if you used a good sharpness knife.

It will make your food presentation beautiful.

Ribbon slicer creates straps and strips out of vegetables and fruits.

Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available.

Design is stylish and innovative.

Satisfaction Ensured.

Great Gift Idea.

The Peel S slicers are suitable for making sheets out of hard vegetables (i.e. daikon radish.)


  • Equipped with Sliding Blade
  • TSUMA Dimension: 0.8mm (0.6mm for option)
  • Wide of KATSURAMUKI: 4.7"
  • Size of Apparatus: 11.8"W x 9.4"D x 6.5"H

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